2019-2020 Staff

Lily Stottlemire


Hi, my name is Lily Stottlemire and I'm an eighth grade student at Riverside Middle School. I play girls field hockey, softball and I'm involved in student council. This year I will be running for student council president. Out...



My name is Cameron C.  I'm in 7th grade.  In my free time, I like to paint and draw.  My favorite TV show is North Woods Law. My favorite food is pizza and I love all animals. ...

Lydia Loughry


Hi, my name is Lydia. I'm a 7th grader at RMS.  My favorite school subjects are math and English.  I do student council, science club, and Spanish club. Also, I play field hockey for the middle school, Delran AA.  I play halfback...

Jessica C.


Hi! My name is Jess and I’m twelve! Some of my hobbies are swimming, dancing, bullet journaling (look it up it's sooo cool) and I love studying new languages! (specifically Chinese) I’m an only child, but somehow I still became...

Brandon H.


Hi! My name is Brandon H, and I go to RMS. I am in the 7th grade and in media design journalism. I help make the yearbook for the middle school.  I am the youngest child of three. My brother is 29 and my sister is 26.  I like...

Laci Potts


Hi, I'm Laci Potts. I am in eighth grade. I have attended Riverside since I was in pre-k. I am in student council and will be running for vice president. I enjoy coaching cheer, playing basketball and softball, taking naps, watching...



The ballad of Eddie Grinnan I am a Middle school student. I have 5 siblings. I play soccer and baseball and love a good chart or graph. I am as some people would say extra. I love Math and English class and strive for all As...

Logan Cerchiaro


My name is Logan Cerchiaro, I participate in wrestling and was captain last year. I love animals more than anything. In my free time, I am usually either wrestling or lifting weights to get ready for the wrestling season.

Aidan Estrada

Expert Procrastinator

Hi, my name is Aidan Estrada, and I am a 7th grader at Riverside Middle School. That's it, that's my entire bio. Also, I like Oreos.



Hi, my name is Carlynn and I am in 8th grade at Riverside Middle School. I play softball, field hockey, and I do tap and jazz dance. I am a member of the school's field hockey team, student council, kindness club, and softball...

Nicholas johnson


My name is Nicholas J. I am 12 years old. I am in 7th grade. I like Minecraft.  I like stranger things....

Carey Drissel


My name is Carey Drissel. I'm in 7th grade. Sports I play are basketball and cheerleading. In my spare time I like to play on my laptop, watch YouTube, and sometimes draw.

Sophia Barats


Hi, my name is Sophia B. I’m thirteen years old, and I'm in 8th grade . I go to Riverside Middle School. I came to this school in 6th grade and it’s going good so far. Here is some things about me. I have a twin brother and h...