The Phillies Pitch for a Series Win

Hailey Minard and Logan Cerchiaro

The Philadelphia Phillies aren’t out of the wild card spot yet. At 77-72, the Phillies are 4 games back behind the Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals. The Phillies are going to have to win almost all the games they play, if they want to win. If winning every game was not hard enough Corey Dickerson is out for the season with a fractured left foot, Corey Dickerson was a major part of Phillies team. 

JT Reulmuto has stepped up in these hard times for the Phillies and has shown his talent in the recent games. Even when the Phillies lose, Reulmuto scores home runs every game. The scores have shown that Reulmuto has been a major part of the team. Reulmuto leads the MLB in runners caught stealing (37). Reulmuto might be the seventh catcher to ever catch 40 runners stealing. Reulmuto is not the only superstar on the Phillies though. Bryce Harper has passed 100 runs batted in. 

The Phillies put Zach Eflin back in the pitching rotation and he has showed his dominance. Each player puts the team before themselves and goes out and prove their power with the ball. The bullpen has finally come around and made it able to secure wins for the Phillies. Pitching started out rough for the Phillies while their pitchers couldn’t stop giving the homeruns near the end of the season. Two new pitchers came in, Drew Smyly and Jason Vargas, and they have established themselves with their great skills. Drew Smyly came in 0-6 and while pitching for the Phillies. Smyly became 4-6 and is continuing to use his amazing curveball to strike out batters. 

Currently, the Phillies are in a series that needs to be won against the Braves and the first two games have created a pathway for their win in the series. The Phillies homeruns were lacking in the mid season, but Charlie Manuel came in and  have crushed balls into the stadium, while giving the other team’s pitchers a hard time.

 If you looked at the Phillies after the break, fans would have laughed at the thought of the Phillies making the playoffs. Now we are 3 games back from the Brewers. Let’s hope that the Phillies can pull a series win and give the fans the excitement of their favorite team.