The Dangers of Vaping

Aidan Estrada and Brandon Heintz

A couple of years ago, vaping was considered to be a healthy alternative to smoking, but now we know that vaping can be just as dangerous as smoking.

The first death from vaping was reported on August 23rd. In just under a month the death toll has risen from zero to seven. At this rate there will be about 84 deaths a year. Vaping is a trend common among teens, a vape pen contains a liquid called e-juice and a tiny device called an atomizer. An atomizer is a machine that takes the e-juice and heats it up so the e-juice becomes tiny airborne droplets that you can inhale. The trend started among teens in the U.S.A. in 2007 when they were brought by Europeans. There have been over 450 lung injuries from vaping have been reported. Once your lungs get inflamed from vaping, your chance of death can go all the way up to 70%. In 2011, less then 5% of high school students were vaping, and in 2018 it skyrocketed to over 20%. So on average one out of five high school students are vaping. Scientists say that a chemical called Vitamin E Acetate could be the cause of the illnesses. Sometimes, the manufacturers don’t put all of the ingredients and we don’t know if they are produced in a safe environment.

The FDA has taken many steps to stop teen vaping, including banning certain flavors that appeal to teens.  Juul Labs has also told the FDA to stop selling certain flavors that may have dangerous chemicals.