Field Hockey

Lydia Loughry

As you might already know, our school has a middle school field hockey team.  Last Monday, we started practicing in preparation for the season.

We practice Monday-Friday after school from 2:30-4:00.  Our practices consist of warming up, running, different drills, and scrimmages.  Warming up and running perimeters are necessary because it improves our stamina and prevents injury while playing in a game.  Practicing skills such as dribbling, pulling, passing, or driving drills (there are many more skills to list) improve our skills over time and make us stronger players.  Scrimmaging is good to get a feel of how an actual game works only it’s a learning experience and less competitive.  Field Hockey is a beautiful sport when played correctly, so it’s good for us to practice all these things because we have a lot of new or inexperienced player on our team that want to try out of the sport (that’s not meant to be rude and I’m not saying our team is bad) and so we can all get better at it.

One struggle the team faces is some of the players being newer or inexperienced and facing stronger and more experienced teams.  Last season, we didn’t score any goals or win any games.  This season, I’m confident we can do much better.  We all love the sport and take it seriously but there are a lot of very good teams in our league.  Another struggle we face is lack of players, which might affect us in the future.  A lot of our past players went to high school and no new 6th graders are on the team either.  We’re worried we won’t have enough players for a team next year.

So, if you’re interested in field hockey, tell Ms. K so we can grow the team now and for future years to come.