Political election

Eddie Grinnan, Reporter

The student council election is fast approaching. This year, candidates will present speeches in homeroom and students will vote in homeroom.  The two main candidates running for president are Riverside born and bred Carlynn Venetz and Lily Stotlemire. Both have gone to Riverside schools since kindergarten and have strong connections to all that happens when it comes to school pride. Mrs. Horton and Mrs. Jackamonis the teacher advisors for the student council have been waiting for this election for a while now. RMS is in its prime people cast your vote now. This next part is a first look interview of our contestants.

Reporter: “What is your main campaign for why the students of RMS should vote for your cause.”

Carlynn: ” My main campaign for why the students of RMS should vote for me is that hardly anyone is involved in our school anymore. I want to get more students to become active in sports and clubs. Our school has so much potential. I want our school to be the best it can be, and with me, as president, I think it can.

Lily: ” I would like people to vote for me because these past two years I have had the experience to watch the good and bad about our school. I now have the opportunity to be Student Council president, and help with anything I can.”

Reporter: ” How would you appeal to the younger grades personally.”

Lily: “Personally I feel the lower grades may feel they don’t have the same privileges. The reason for this is because as you work your way through middle school you will earn privileges such as the six flags trip.”

Carlynn: 7th- These students only have two years of middle school left.  I want them to have the best experience possible this year. And set them on the right track for 8th grade. My 7th-grade year flew by so fast. I want their’s to be special.

That’s all, for now, folks remember to vote for who will lead you as a president, Carlynn or Lily?