7th Grade Happenings for the Third Marking Period

Sophia Barats, Author

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7th graders right now are doing many things like projects, winter sports, and many more. They are also doing some projects in Mrs. Veneziani’s class. They are starting a daily creative writing assignment. The students are starting to do short stories and poetry. For winter sports there is softball. In Science with Mrs. Horton, they are learning about different types of rocks and how they are made. In reading with Mrs. Lawrence, the students are learning about poetry. Some of the poems that they have read are, “How To Eat A Poem” by Eve Merriam, “The Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll and “Introduction To Poetry” by Billy Collins. The students are also learning how to write their own poems using wild and crazy words. In Social Studies, the students are learning about the French and Indian War. In math and advanced math with Mr. Gorelick, they are learning one step and two step equations. For advanced math they are learning how to graph linear equations. To conclude, the 7th grade teachers are expecting  good and positive students this year in the third marking period.