Importance of MLK Day

Jacob Rodriguez and Terrell Munford

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With the holiday coming up shortly, Martin Luther King (MLK) Day is an important one to the United States. What we also want to know that is that this important day has brung us this day that we call president’s day which is where we celebrate our president.But in order to make this holiday happen there was a very important man who made this holiday happen and his name was Martin Luther King.It all started when black men and women did have the same rights as white men and women did.For Example, black men had to drink from the colored fountain because they were not white to drink at the white fountain.Same thing at restaurants they had to sit in the colored section which was really bad imagine you were treated like that and you had to sit in the colored section.But then this all changed there was a man the name of Martin Luther King Jr who wanted to stop this kaos.But in the government there was the President named John F. Kennedy the President that made this holiday who signed the  law for so that blacks and white could unite with each other and after that happened it has formed President’s day because of what Martin Luther King did to make this holiday happen.But to make this holiday come true they had to vote on this holiday in order to make this a official holiday.