7th Grade Field Trip

Sophia Barats, Author

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On Tuesday November 27th, the 7th grade students and teachers went on a field trip to the New Jersey State Theater in New Brunswick. The show was a poetry performance by a group of men who perform their writing.. Their name was the Mayhem Poets. During the show we had some good laughs and some sad moments. Some poems Mayhem Poets shared were, an opera while meowing and personal stories about their lives. One man talked about his wife and wanting children, another shared his dad having Parkinson’s and the last one was about a mom being homeless. It was interesting that they shared their stories through poetry. One quote from a 7th grader was Kayla Parker. When asked what her favorite part of the field was, she said, “My favorite part was, when the guys did the one word poem. I thought it was funny when they went back and forth.”