Treacher Collins Syndrome

Lily Stottlemire and Laci Potts

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While reading the book Wonder, not many people understand what Treacher Collins Syndrome really is. Treacher Collins Syndrome is a rare condition that 1 in 50,00 people in the world are born with. Babies born with TCS may have deformed cheek bones,ears, eyelids, and jaw bones. There is no cure for the condition but surgery could make a big difference in your appearance. The condition is caused by an abnormal gene that affects your face. For about 60% of people born with TCS neither parents carry the gene. For the other 40% one parent carries the gene and passes onto their child. There is a 50% chance that this condition will be passed through many more pregnancies.

People born with TCS may had difficulty eating. Food may fall out of their mouths while they chew, which could cause people to stare. In the book Wonder August Pullman has trouble eating. During lunchtime at school people tend to stare at him while he’s eating. Also like August, kids may not be born with ears like everyone else. Skin could grow over the area where the ear is making it a little harder to hear, or could cause hearing loss. To conclude, living with Treacher Collins Syndrome is not an easy life.