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Anti-bullying Month

Hailey Minard and Jacob Rodriguez

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October is the month of ghouls and goblins but, it is also the month of anti-bullying.  The way Riverside Middle School celebrated anti-bullying month is by the week of respect. Every day, all of the students wore different colors for that day’s reason. Like on Monday, the theme was about the GOLDEN RULE which you had to wear gold or yellow. Not only was this fun, it was for a great cause. Also on Monday, two BMX bicyclers during 8th period presented us a show in the gym, talking about not to bully anyone. They also showed us their tricks and stunts that they learned when becoming a professional cyclist. On Tuesday, you had to wear green for responsibility. Wednesday there was no school because of the teacher  in-service day. So, on Thursday we had the choice to either wear red or blue. When Friday became to be, we had to wear rams colors which are maroon and white to represent school spirit.


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Anti-bullying Month