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BMX Against Bullying

Sophia Barats, Author

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On Monday October 1, 2018, there was an assembly held in the Riverside High School gym. Two men named James Rodriguez and Daniel, were holding the assembly. The assembly was about anti-bullying and how not to bully people. When James Rodriguez was younger, he had a dream for being a professional BMX competitor. When he realized that the colleges that he applied to didn’t offer a BMX program, he thought it was over, But he kept telling himself don’t give up. So he didn’t.  After that he practiced different skills and tricks to become a professional biker. James mentioned, that the reason he did this show, was he wanted to raise awareness for the need of BMX sports programs in colleges. The two men were professional BMX bikers, and decided to show us some tricks. In the middle of the show, Daniel wanted to show us a trick he had been practicing. When we were all quiet, he rode up the ramp really fast and did a flip. We were all screaming in excitement! Then James asked Dylan Dalby, a freshmen at Riverside High School to hold a bike. When Dylan was holding the bike, Daniel jumped over the bike on his bike and we were all screaming. Towards the end of the show, James Rodriguez asked a couple of seniors to lay on a mat. They didn’t know what was coming next! Then, James Rodriguez jumped over the seniors on his bike and knocked over a water bottle that he put there. We were all surprised and shocked! Some students were even recording when James jumped over them. Overall, this was an effective and entertaining assembly.

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BMX Against Bullying