2018 Field Hockey Update

Riverside VS Delanco

Gwenn Farrell and Emily McConahay

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The 2018 field hockey team played their fourth game against Delanco on October 9th. The  final score was 1-0, Delanco,but this game was a huge improvement as they battled to win their first few games unsuccessfully.  This game they seemed to finally understand where their positions were and the best ways to work together to keep the ball away from their goal and up the field. They worked as a team and focused on improving skills that they struggled with at other games and practices. They were also less concerned about what was going on around them and more on the game. Now, all they have to focus on is taking it up the field and focus on offense.While they still haven’t won a game, they are more hopeful and a lot more passionate about their games. They are excited to continue to improve themselves throughout the season and will doubtlessly strive to get better.