October Students of the Month

Learn About RMS' s Three Exceptional Students

Riley Grinnan and Julia Lapp

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Here at Riverside, every month the teachers of each grade level choose a student from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to be student of the month.  September’s 6th grade student of the month was Marc Yanez. Mrs. Eckhardt stated that Marc was picked because he goes above and beyond and always looks out for others. He shows all the important character traits, always wants to help, and is overall a rounded student academic wise. Many students agree that Marc is helpful person and kind friend. Brian Ethier explained, “One time my books fell and Marc came and picked them up for me.” One fact about Marc is that he loves Fortnite. The 7th grade student of the month is Sophia Bartes. Mrs. Horton explained how she is hard working, sincere, honest, and dependable. Hailey Minard said, “I like Sophia because she is consistently nice.” A fun fact about Sophia is she likes to cook pasta. The 8th grade student of the month is Tyler Rodriguez. Tyler’s friend Terrell Munford said, “One time in health, I saw Tyler pick up a pencil for another student.” Mrs. Murray described Tyler as a level headed student with a consistent personality. Tyler said his favorite subject is math because he’s good at it.