Field Hockey 2k18 First Game

Laci Potts and Lily Stottlemire

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The Riverside 2018 Field Hockey girls played their first game of the season on September 25. These girls were very pumped up for their game. They had music blasting, and were ready to start off the season with a win. Unfortunately, they ended up losing the game 4-0. They played Westfield Friends, who only had eight players. Riverside on the other hand, had 21 girls. Coach K, had to split her team up into four groups of eight players and each group played for five minutes each half.

When team captain, Gwenn Farrell, was asked about how she felt about being the captain of the 2k18 field hockey team she replied, “It truly does feel amazing, I love being the captain of the 2018 team because they are all amazing people and always work hard no matter what!” Gwenn is in 8th grade in Riverside Middle School. The number se wears on her jersey is #1. Another player of the team is Lily Stottlemire, #5, she is a 7th grader and this is her second year playing. When she was asked about why she has chosen to play field hockey for the second year in a row she answered, “I have chosen to play field hockey again because last year was very exciting as well as stressful. But, I have decided to play all three years of middle school.” To conclude, the riverside middle school field hockey team is hoping to have a successful season and hopes to win lots more in the future.