RMS’ Spectacular Chorus

Emily McConahay

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We’ve all had the dream of one day becoming a popstar or famous singer at one point in our lives. Maybe it was when we were younger, maybe it was recently, or maybe that’s your current dream. Here at RMS kids are learning techniques so they can one day achieve that goal.

Chorus is a class that occurs everyday with Mrs. Aviles, during fourth period in place of a set of quarter classes. Students who are interested in singing are taught how to properly take care of their voices, sing in several different harmonies, read sheet music, learn to sing in different languages, and most importantly, learn how to work and grow with others. RMS chorus will have two seperate concerts this year. The first concert will be held during the winter and the second will be held during the spring. The winter concert is planned to be on December –,while the spring concert date has not been decided yet. In addition to the concerts, chorus students go on a music workshop where they go to Delanco school and perform in front their chorus in the winter.

If you have decided that chorus would be a better fit for you than band, or your fourth period quarter classes, make sure to see Mrs. Galgoci in the main office before September –, to make the switch. Just remember that you will have to put in the same amount of effort in chorus, that you had to put in for your all quarter classes. Mrs. Aviles strongly prohibits gum chewing, food, and drama. Although Mrs. Aviles is one of the drama club directors, she hates it when school drama between different friend groups, and things of that nature, is brought into her classroom or the auditorium, and will be sure to push it right back out.

As mentioned earlier, students learn and to work and grow with others. But chorus is also a family. You all learn together and bond with each other. The memories made there are some of the best and everyone is willing to help other students. In addition, students love the teacher and what she has done to help them. Eighth grader, Nina Oliver, stated “I haven’t done chorus since elementary, so I started to get more involved. It’s super fun and I enjoy Mrs. Aviles’ presence; she’s so welcoming. Some of the students are hoping to inspire others. Eddie Grinnan(6th grader) encouraged others to dream big. Mrs. Aviles also had some inspiring words to share, which were, “The only thing better than singing is more singing!” So, if you’re looking for a school family, a singing experience, and a lot of fun, then chorus is the place for you!