2018 Field Hockey Starting Out Right

Lily Stottlemire

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Through the past few years, it’s been a struggle getting enough players to fill the team, but it has changed tremendously this year. The Field Hockey Team has about 25 players coming out for this years team. The first practice, held on September 12th, has already proved the girls immense amount of hard work and determination. As they year continues, the committed spirit will only grow more. Practices are Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 4:00. The first game was held on September 25th.  Ever day at practice, the players always learn new skills and work hard to improve Whether it’s cone drills or scrimmaging, they are always dedicated to learning more and get better at the sport.

Some players think of a quote or inspiring thought to keep them going and pushing forward. For example, when asked what she will remember while playing, Rhiannon Ranken says that  she will think of animation while playing because it’s something she enjoys, and it also reminds her of the game of field hockey.” Eighth grader Nina Oliver loves to set examples and give advice to the newer players. “Try your best and be open to new options” she says. Overall, the team is looking forward to a fun and successful season.