Jr. Rams Kickoff The 2k18 Season

Riley Grinnan and Laci Potts

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Formerly known as the Little Green Bulldogs, Riverside’s youth football program is now going by the name Jr. Rams. The team consists of 17 middle school boys coached by club president, John Mongon, Jr. Rain or shine the 135 lbs group practices 3-4 times a week from 6-8 p.m.  at Hooker field behind the Riverside High School. When asked about Coach John’s experience playing football, he stated “I played this sport as a child and have coached for thirteen years.” Coach John told us, there are many skills he tries to teach his players. His philosophy is, “I focus on teaching them discipline, respect, and the fundamentals of football.” When asked why he loves to coach his response was, “To volunteer my time and teach younger kids how to play football.”

This Saturday, the boys played against Haddonfield and lost 27-0. When asked about how he felt about losing the game, Theodore Hawkins ,23, said,”I’m not mad about losing. I just feel that game woke us up and now we are more prepared for our next game.”  When Teddy was asked about the advice he would give to younger new players he replied, “I would tell them to always try their best and always make sure they always they are doing what they are supposed to do and do their job in a play!” Even though they lost, they are ready to work harder towards a winning season.  When asked about his relationship with his team members, Alex Birriel, number 25, replied “We all have a brotherly bond and love each other. We work together very well.” To conclude, the Jr. Rams had a okay game. They played their best and even though they didn’t win, they are pumped for their next game and are excited to win!