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Riverside “Back to School Dance”!

Back to School Dance on September 20th welcomes new and returning students to Riverside Middle school!

Rylie Bienkowski and Carlynn Venetz

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On Thursday, September 20th, School and Family held the “Back to School Dance” in the middle/high school cafeteria. There were snacks, a photo booth, popular music playing, and bright lights flashing all around! The school got DJ Jim to help with the music, and expressed his opinion about the songs people suggested, “I have trouble finding the clean ones, but it’s your party, your songs. Some of them are good, though.”

The dance consisted of lots of sixth graders, numerous seventh graders, and several eighth graders. A couple students from each grade were interviewed on their opinions of the dance, and middle school in general. Edward Grinnan- sixth grade- stated, “It’s fun but it could be better if there was different music” when asked how he felt about this school dance. Adryanna Beckles -seventh grade- was asked if she liked middle school or elementary school better, now that she has had at least a year of experience in each and she replied with “Middle school because it is easy, and not hard to get the hang of.” Morgan Dill is doing well while transitioning from 6th to 7th grade, however, she said that “It is different because the classes are harder which makes it a little stressful.” An 8th grader, Helen Villatoro, is excited for high school because, “…then it’s four years until I go to college, and I can do whatever I want in those three years!”

Even though the dance was a time for relaxation and hanging out with friends, the money that people paid for admission and snacks was for the school. The dances usually make a ton of cash, Mrs. Morris elaborated, “About $200, but it goes straight to the students. It paid for the DJ, decorations and snacks. It’ll also pay for all the games for other events.”

According to Mr. Goodwin, setting up the dance was, “Not too bad, a little time consuming with all of the balloons and streamers. But with us [the teachers] working together it wasn’t too hard.”

Now that the Back to School dance is over, you’ll probably be excited for the other events coming soon to Riverside!

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Riverside “Back to School Dance”!