College Fair Comes To RMS

Caitlin Armstrong, Author

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On Monday, September 24 2018, a college fair was held in the RHS/RMS gymnasium. There were 36 colleges, and students were able to walk around the gym and ask any questions they had about the colleges. You could ask any questions you wanted to, for instance, you could ask what majors they have, how big their college is, and even if they have a campus. When a recruiter from Rowan college located in New Jersey was asked “What advice would you give to 8th graders?” she had answered by saying, “It’s never too late to volunteer.” From experience at Rowan, she also says that health sciences is their most popular major. Lastly, she said “For 8th graders to be well prepared for college application’s they should know that it is never to soon to start applying.” Next, a recruiter from Holy Family College says that to make sure you have good grades from 9-12th  grade and also to have a good GPA. Also, they said that nursing, business, and psychology are their most popular majors.