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Comic Book Club

Rylie Bienkowski and Hailey Minard

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Comic Book Club Members: Rylie Bienkowski, Morgan Dill, and Joey Shreiner with Advisor Kiona Fortune

In room 107, the 6th grade reading teacher Kiona Fortune is holding a Comic Book club for any Riverside Middle School student who is interested. You don’t have to be an expert artist, you could be a proofreader, an editor, a brainstormer, a script writer, or you could just like reading comics and graphic novels. This is technically still a new club, since it started towards the middle of last year, so new ideas are always welcome! “Students come in with inspiration to draw or have an idea to draw. Many people want to come to a place that they can talk with each other about something they both enjoy,” Mrs. Fortune stated. You can write any comic that is school appropriate. Always bring your inspiration with you (along with a pencil and sketchbook) to always work your hardest.

The current members of the club are Joseph Schreiner, Morgan Dill, Rylie Bienkowski, and Rui Lopes. When asked why she started drawing, Morgan Dill replied, “My sister inspired me to draw. I wanted to be like her so I started drawing. Animals were my favorite to draw when I was little.” And, when asked where she got her inspiration, Rylie Bienkowski answered, “My cousin inspired me to draw, since she was really good at realism. I want to be like her, but as a cartoonist.”

The only supplies that you will definitely need are a sketchbook and a pencil. There are some optional utensils that you can bring. For instance, comic markers, colored pencils, inking pens, different types of paper, and graphite pencils. You are also allowed to bring reference books, and it is highly recommended. Meetings will be held on Mondays after school, and Mrs. Fortune will give specific dates. If you were wondering what the Comic Club is working on, you could check the trophy case; there was a gallery on Wednesday, September 12, for Back to School Night. You should talk to Mrs. Fortune for any other information or if you have any questions.   New members are always welcome! Anyone can join, so become a comic book artist today!

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Comic Book Club