A Day in the Life of Carey Drissel

Carey Drissel, Reporter

6:45- My alarm goes off and I press snooze

6:50- My alarm goes off again. I pick up my phone and watch tik-toks.

7:00- I finally get out of bed and go get in the shower.

7:30- I finish my shower and get dressed for the day and do my hair.

7:40- After I’m done getting dressed I play on my phone for a little bit.

7:50- I take my dog for a walk.

7:55- Eddie FaceTimes me and I don’t answer.

8:10- My dog and I get back from our walk, I FaceTime Eddie back.

8:15- I redo an edpuzzle for Mr. Bowles to make my grade higher.

8:25- I start working on an assignment for Mr. Knapp.

8:33- I join Mrs. Murray’s synchronized zoom.

8:40- I work on the edpuzzle Mrs. Murray assigned.

9:00- I finished the edpuzzle and leave Mrs. Murray’s zoom. I also started the Gimkit review for Mrs. Vernacchio.

9:14- I join Mrs. Bilo’s synchronized zoom.

9:30- I finish the Gimkit review.

9:44- I leave Mrs. Bilo’s zoom.

9:47- Eddie and I take a break and play roblox.

10:20- I stop playing roblox and join Mrs. Vernacchio’s synchronized zoom.

10:25- I begin working on the Newsela for her class.

10:40: I finish the Newsela and turn it in.

10:53- When it’s over, I leave her zoom.

10:55- I check to make sure I have no other assignments due.

10:57- I play roblox again

11:00- I get bored of roblox and take my dog for a a quick walk.

11:15: When we got back from our walk, I gave him fresh water and laid on my couch and played on my phone.

11:45- I did the edpuzzle Mrs. Veneziani assigned.

11:59- I completed the edpuzzle and joined Mrs. Veneziani’s synchronized zoom.

12:o3- I left her class and ate lunch.

12:15- After I finish lunch I do the dishes.

12:20- I finish my chores and get ready to ride bikes with Eddie and Sophia.

12:37- Eddie and I ride our bikes to Friendship Park.

1:00- Sophia comes to Friendship. We sit on the swings and talk for a little bit.

1:45- We play tag on the playground.

2:45- After we play tag we ride our bikes down to the river.

2:55- We get to the river and play games.

3:40- We start heading home.

3:47- I get home and play on my phone.

5:30- I help my parents get dinner ready.

5:40- We eat dinner.

6:00- My parents leave to go to a store and I do the dishes.

6:10- I watch TV when I’m done the dishes.

6:45- I go upstairs and watch Tik Toks in my bedroom.

9:00- I get ready for bed and brush my teeth and put on my pajamas and watch YouTube.

10:00- My parents come upstairs, say goodnight to me and go to bed.

10:30- I go to bed.