Benefits to Reading

Mahek Bhatt, Writer

It’s no secret that reading is good for you. 

But have you ever wondered why that is? 


Here’s a list 5 reasons why might consider opening a book some time soon:


  1. Reading makes you a better writer

When you read, your brain absorbs good writing techniques and vocabulary. As you write your mind will unconsciously copy the writing styles of a book that you may have read. Reading also expands your vocabulary list and spelling. New words appear in their natural context and you can determine, while also visually imprinting their spelling for accurate recall.


2.  Reading improves your conversational skills

Because reading improves your grammar and vocabulary, it also helps you clearly navigate what you are saying. The knowledge you gain from reading, also help give a lot more topics to talk about with others.


3. Reading could help you live longer

According to a Yale University study, readers tend to live two years longer than non-readers. Book reading contributes to a survival advantage that is greater than reading newspapers and magazines. Compared to non-book readers, readers have a 23- month survival advantage. Deep reading promotes empathy and emotional intelligence – cognitive processes that can lead to greater chance of survival.


  1. It helps ward off brain deterioration & improves memory

Not only does reading help improve your memory, but it also prevents brain deterioration. It has been reported that people who read are more likely to be protected from brain lesions and tangles and self-reported memory decline.


  1. Reading develops imagination

As we read our brains translate the descriptions we read of people, places, and things into visual pictures. While we are reading we subconsciously imagine how the characters are feeling. Young children then apply this skill in everyday life.