Similarities from the book to the movie “the Giver”

Alaina Felices

(1) The giver is one of my favorite books and movies to watch. I am going to talk about the similarities from the book and the movies.  In the book and the movie is that one of Jonas’ first times he sees color is when he sees Fiona’s red hair. He notices a specific change in her hair, but can’t figure out what it is. The same change happened to the apple, and he later finds out that he is seeing color.   

(2) In both the book and the movie, Communities structures/ laws are the same. They all have their own family units, and can not leave their dwellings after a certain time. You are also required to take the medication every morning to prevent stirrings, or feelings. There are also certain requirements for size of newborns, age before being released, and much more. In the book, on page 6, it says, “He’s a sweet little male with a lovely disposition. But he isn’t growing as fast as he should, and he doesn’t sleep soundly. We have him in the extra care section for supplementary training, but the com 

(3) A similarity is that in both the book and the movie all the people in the community dont have/dont feel emotions or feelings and don’t truly understand love or hate, they can’t understand Jonas at times because Jonas does know how to feel emotions/feelings like in the movie Jonas asked his father , “Father do you love me?” and his mother says “Jonas precision of language” which means that they don’t understand true emotions or true feelings.Another similarity is that in both the book and the movie although not in the same situations Jonah refers to the apple he  took from recreation  one day. 

(4) Also a similarity in the book and the movie is that in both the term “Release” means to kill/murder the person that is being released. Another similarity is that Jonas shared a memory with Gabe when Gabe’s restlessness woke him in the middle of the night. In the book “The Giver” states on page 117 “He wondered, though, if he should confess to The Giver that he had given a memory away. He was not yet qualified to be a giver himself,”. Also a similarity is that in both the movie and the book Jonas refers to the plane flying over the community as a time when he had experienced fear in his life. In both the movie and the book Jonas feels apprehensive because of the ceremony of 18(

(5) In the movie, Fiona and Asher are Jonas’ best friends. While he knows Fiona in the book, they are only casual acquaintances and volunteer together with the old members of the community. (In the movie they volunteer at the nurturing center, where the babies live before their naming ceremony.) Fiona’s red hair is one of the first things Jonas sees “beyond,” that is, in color, and he does feel “stirrings” for her, but he never acts on them in the book as he does in the movie. The movie’s makeshift sled ride, kissing scene, and everything involving her near the end of the film are new.