Benefits of Reading 10 minutes a Day

Erika Faria

   There are many benefits of reading 10 minutes a day. You gain more knowledge. You learn morals and lessons. Books can help you grow in life and teach how to deal with certain situations. It also teaches you about history and many other subjects. I personally love realistic fiction books because you get a little bit of knowledge and little bit of crazy things characters do in the story. Reading also helps reduce stress and anxiety. Reading also benefits you if you have trouble concentrating. Reading can also teach you about different religions. 

    Reading 10 minutes a day gives you more knowledge with new words. It helps with your vocabulary and if you need an example of a word that you are familiar with. It also helps you memorize words. It helps you understand more about all the different Figurative Language and how they are used. It helps with concentration because you’re focused on that topic for ten minutes or as long as you want. Reading helps for people who suffer from stress and anxiety. It distracts you from what is making you stressed or anxious because you have to have your full attention while reading so you understand the topic.

  The next benefit of reading 10 minutes a day is you learn how to deal with certain situations even though it seems interesting they will also teach something. It can text how to react in certain situations. It can teach you how to use manners and be respectful to others. It can also teach you to be nice to others regardless of who they are. The book Wonder teaches you that. Books can teach you how to enjoy life and not take everything serious.  

  The next benefit of reading 10 minutes a day is you learn about different religions. You learn about what each religion believes in. You learn about the goddess and things like that. You learn about what certain rules certain religions need to follow You learn about what countries follow these religions. There are a lot of different religions even though you may not agree with a certain religion it is good to learn about it. If you support that certain religion it will be good for you to have more knowledge about it because if you walk into a church and have no idea what they’re talking about that’s not good. 

 Reading 10 minutes a Day helps you know about important people’s lives. It also helps you know what they did to our country to benefit us. Also helps you have a little understanding of who they are. Also reading biographies will inspire you. Biographies can help you and it also provides real life lessons.