Dino Potts, Author

Wonder is a very interesting book. There are many parts in that book that will make you want to never stop reading. But there are also some parts that will make you sad or mad at the characters in the book. Me and all the rest of my grade have read this book this year and I’m pretty sure everyone liked it there were some people that thought that book rally wasn’t for them but that’s okay. This is a very  good book and I totally recommend you read it. You will not regret it.

I liked the whole book but there are some parts about that book that really stood out to me. The first thing was when Auggie started to go to school. I like this part because it brings Auggie into the real world. And if you weren’t aware Auggie has Treacher Collins syndrome. He was scared to go into public because he thought he would get made fun of and that is why this is one of my favorite parts of the book. He get’s to see the real world and experience it. At first the kids at school laughed some were scared because they have never seen a kid like that before. But as time went on more kids started to catch on and they started to become Auggie’s friends. But there were a group of kids that would bully Auggie for his looks and the main kid that bullies him is named Julian. 

In this paragraph the topic I’m going to be talking about is things that I don’t like from the book. And there is really only one thing I dislike in this book and that is the kid that bullies Auggie Julian. He is so rude to people especially Auggie and it makes me mad. Because no matter what the person looks like or what disability they have they are still a person like everyone else which means they should get treated how all the other kids get treated.  

The movie is like the book very similar. Personally I like the movie better but it doesn’t really make a difference to me. I like both and like to read and watch both but I would prefer the movie. When I watched the movie I could tell what was going to happen next because I read the book and everything that happened in the book happened in the movie. And that is all about the book/movie Wonder!