Books that left a Mark

Edward Grinnan

Mr. Knapp- The Five People You Meet In Heaven, By: Mitch Albom

“This book is so special because, rather than pass judgement on people, or try to tell people what to believe or not believe, Mitch Albom tries to provide guidance to us all on how to achieve happiness through understanding how to maneuver through some of life’s pitfalls”

Ms. Wawrzyniak- A Light In The Attic, By: Shel Silverstein

“My love for reading and my love for poetry and then eventually my love for writing flourished from my interest in this book.  When I grew older, I became an elementary school teacher and that was the first book in my classroom library.

Mr. Gorelick-   And Then there Where None, By: Agatha Christie

“It is an amazing mystery novel. It was the first of many Agatha Christie books I read starting in 8th grade and on. Christie is the Queen of murder mystery and this is one I return to because it is one of her best in my opinion”

Ms. Lawrence- Maniac Magee, By: Jerry Spinelli

“This book always stuck out to me from 5th grade because I remember wanting to read on to find out what was going to happen next. He also loved butterscotch krimpets and they always sounded so yummy to me.”

Ms. Murray-  City of Dreams Series By: Beverly Swerling

”  These are historical fiction with a flair for science in the story line…At times, it can be a difficult read, long with different characters to develop the story line.  There are many interesting plot lines with in these stories but are more suitable for a mature audience.”

Ms. Galgoci- Oh The Places You Will Go By: Doctor Seuss

“The positive future forward message in the book is inspiring. I have given this book as a gift at graduation to not only my own children but also some of my students. I have read it over and over, especially when I need a pick me up of positivity.”

Ms. Veneziani- A Long Walk To Water By: Linda Sue Park

” This is a story about a young man from Africa who uses the tools and materials he has to make a windmill for his village.  The windmill helps his community survive a drought, grow crops, and help surrounding communities.  It is an inspirational story of never giving up despite numerous obstacles and a lack of many of the resources and privileges we take for granted.”