Does Reading Make You Smarter?

Emily Valverde

I am pretty sure we have all heard at least one point in our life that reading makes us smarter, but how? Not only does reading  reduce stress and lowers blood pleasure and heart rate you expose yourself to a wide range of vocabulary. Exposing yourself to larger vocabulary and different words can help you with anything overall like tests and quizzes. Its even better when you can read and learn two different languages that can help you talk to different people and navigate around. Starting at a young at is even better because you can grow up knowing lots of thinks and usually kids who read more have larger vocabulary and better grammar. Reading can also help you be more aware of your actions and make smarter decisions. It helps you to really think and make connections.

Reading stimulates your brains so when you read you are exercising your brain and when done frequently can improve the way you think. Research shows it can improve your fluid intelligence which is problem solving specifically knowing nothing to little background information which can help you so much in the real world. Another big benefit of reading is memory. When you read you are storing all this information in your head constantly thinking about it which can increase memory capacity. It takes focus to pick up a book and read it and really get into it so if you are constantly reading and focusing you can actually train yourself to be more observant and focused in certain situations.

One thing about reading I’m pretty certain we all know is reading can help you write better. When you expose yourself to new vocabulary and better words you will want to use them in your writing to intentionally make your writing better. This is actually a really good benefit for when you grow up and later on in life for many things, especially if you want to get into writing. Its also proven reading can help with human interaction. For example if your seeing something that you have seen similar to in a book you can think back on how it was resolved and how to be less awkward when you speak.

When you read certain books you develop how you think and think in different ways. Just like being more careful of your actions thinking in different ways is a really good thing for life because there will always be different situations in life that require more or less thinking , smarter ways of thinking and etc. Besides increasing knowledge reading is really good for your mental health as well. Like I said it can reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce depression and helps many people just escape reality for a while. It can also in some cases raise self esteem. Lots of people who read devolve empathy for others because when you read you can essentially see all the characters point of views and feelings which can help you be more aware of how others can also be affected in different ways depending on what you or others say.

Many people use reading as therapy which is very true because its proven people who are less socially active are more of book readers than socially active people are. Reading helps you feel comfort that you may not feel in the real world. So in conclusion reading is something everyone should try to get into because it can be very fun.