Groundhog day; History and Traditions

Edward Grinnan, Reporter

Two days ago Punxsutawney Phil emerged form his burrow bright eyed and bushy tailed only to be scared off by his shadow ringing in 6 more weeks of winter.

Ground hogs day is a popular holiday celebrated on February second in Punxsutawney Philadelphia. Every year people from around the world brave the cold weather to come and pay tributes to Punxstawney’s very own special groundhog. The event has been celebrated since 1887 dating back to the colonial Pennsylvanian dutch. As the story goes if the ground hog sees his shadow after emerging form his burrow winter will last 6 more weeks, if he does not an early spring is sure to come.

The event is held in the Gobblers Knob Amphitheater starting at 3:00 am. Midnight hits and the festivities kick off local pubs pavilions and restaurants are flooded with party goers. As it reaches 6:30 its time for Phil to make a prediction. Once the prediction is set the fun picks up again. Singing, and dancing can be heard through out Punxsutawney where family’s gather around campfires to watch the fireworks go off.

As the crowd surges forward they make predictions on spring or winter. Phil’s suit wearing handlers hoist him out of his home ringing in a new season