the 130 dollar snow day

matthew, publisher

well, here we go so this is how it happened. I woke up for school o my I was late. I ran down the stairs like flash. got on so quick you could not even see me. After school got out which took like forever I finally got the chance to go outside and shovel snow. But there was a dilemma I had to shovel our driveway and sidewalk first. After that, I literally sprinted up to each house. The first house was small and had a small driveway and sidewalk but I was not going to lower the prices. After I was done I spent around 20 minutes doing that when I went to knock the person answered. When I said I was done he looked surprised and gave me a 10 dollar tip for how quick I was. Well, every house was like that with the tips except the tips were sometimes smaller. So after being out there for 6 hours I finally came back with a whopping 130 dollars.