No More Snow Days!

Carey Drissel, Author/News Reporter

Remember when we would look out our window and see a lot of snow, then run to our parents room and ask if we get a snow day? Well this year, that’s cancelled.

Since the shut downs with the coronavirus started, students have been doing online learning. Now that we are getting snow, schools are realizing that we don’t need to have days off when we can continue doing online learning. A lot of schools aren’t giving kids the day off like they normally would if we got snow.

Personally, I completely disagree with this decision. I think we do need a day off to just go out and play in the snow and not have to worry about zoom calls and work that we have to complete. Having a day off every once in a while is not a bad thing, especially for a kid. The schools do add our unused snow days to the day off we have for Memorial Day and have 4 or 5 days off instead of 1. However, I would rather have those days in winter to play in snow. I think that if we are given days to use in the winter for snow days, why not just use the days in winter when it can be more enjoyable? In my opinion, I don’t see why we can’t have snow days just because we discovered a new way to learn. I also think a lot of students would agree with me because it’s always nice to have a day off.