2021 Inauguration Memes

So we have all probably seen the viral memes of a picture of Berine Sanders in mittens at the inauguration. It’s quickly spreading throughout the world on platforms such as tiktok, instagram, snapchat and twitter and even filters have been made! Bernie however is not upset by all of this in fact he has many news articles state he is laughing at them. Jen Ellis the second grade teacher who made the mittens Bernie is wearing in the picture is selling mittens and collecting the money and donating them to charities! They are donating the money to charities such as Passion 4 Paws Vermont and an advocacy group for LGBTQ+ youth. Bernie as well also made shirts and the money is going to Feeding Chittenden, Chill Foundation and Vermont Community Action centers. So if you are interested in donating to one of these charities in a way you can buy a Bernies shirt!