Covid 19

Erika Faria

Coronavirus has been around for almost a year now and our world has changed completely. For example many businesses closing down, no gatherings, and having to wear masks etc. This virus hit us hard and many people have recovered and many have not recovered from this virus, seeing people love their loved ones due to this virus is extremely sad. This year wasn’t only bad because of this virus but also because of the protests due to George Floyd who got killed by a police officer. Also the protest in the White House was a big issue this year that nobody saw coming. 

  The vaccine has come for health care workers and many other workers who are at risk as well. I am and I am sure many other people are so proud of people in the health care unit a vaccine usually takes 5-10 years and this vaccine came out in less than a year. Some people are scared to get it because it comes out really quickly and people are scared that it will give you diseases in the long run. The vaccine needs two doses for it to work so if you get one dose you have to get the other dose. I heard they want to vaccinate a good amount of people in the next few months. Once people take the vaccine many people will be able to go on with their regular lives again.