The Christmas Chronicles

Carey Drissel, Author/News Reporter

The Christmas Chronicles is a holiday movie that takes place in 2018 on Christmas Eve. This movie is about a young girl, Katie Pierce, and her older brother, Teddy Pierce, who try to catch Santa in the act. They end up on a journey with the one and only Santa Claus to safe Christmas before the spirit of Christmas is destroyed. Teddy Pierce is my favorite character because he has change of heart throughout the movie about his beliefs on Christmas. My favorite part of the movie was the musical number where Santa uses his magic to form a rock band, however, you’ll have to the movie to find out exactly what I’m talking about. I would recommend this movie because it is an emotional roller coaster and it’s actually very interesting. This movie gets me in the Christmas spirit and reminds me of the magical of Christmas. This movie hasn’t been a tradition before, but since they came out with a new one it many have started a new tradition because we have watched it 2 years in a row. If you haven’t seen the Christmas Chronicles and the Christmas Chronicles 2 I highly recommend watching them, you won’t regret it!