Home Alone 2

Emily Valverde

Home Alone 2 is a holiday movie made in 1992 made during Christmas time. It is a pretty popular movie as it is kid friendly and entertaining. Home Alone’s main characters star Culkin Macualay as Kevin McCallister, Joe Pesci as Harry (one of the intruders) and Daniel Stern as Marv (the second intruder.) This movie is about Kevin the youngest child in a family of 6 (including the parents) going on a holiday trip to Florida with his cousins and family. The part that makes the movie entertaining is when Kevin is left behind in New York by his family in his huge house! This huge house in this rich neighborhood obviously attracts intruders and thats when Kevin has to be smart. He does everything he can to keep these intruders away including setting traps, while keeping himself safe while his parents go back for him. My favorite character would probably have to be Harry and Marv because they try everything in there power to get into this house but end up losing to an eight year old. My favorite part of the movie is when Kevin’s family arrives at the airport and they are passing his bag down to him and they realize he isn’t there with them. I watch this movie every year and it never bores me its very entertaining and fun. I would recommend this movie because its a great family movie if your interested in that and theres more than just one so its super fun to watch!