This is a very classic Christmas movie that I think every one likes. This is my number one Christmas movie. This is the movie I will watch with my kids. This movie is just a normal Holiday movie that takes place mostly in New York. This boy was born, but then on Christmas eve one year he snuck into Santa’s sack and got token back to the north pole. So he grew up as an elf even though he grew 3 times faster and was taller than mostly everything and everyone. But one day his adopted dad had to tell him the truth. So he finds out that he is a human and goes out to find his dad that lives in New York. But some info in this movie people down south don’t really believe in Santa. Buddy (That’s the characters name) wasn’t from New York so he really didn’t know how to act. He made himself look like a idiot. And it got to the point where he’s dad got so mad to the point where he made Buddy go back to the North Pole. As he is going back he sees something coming out of the sky and lands in central park. It was Santa he couldn’t fly because no one down in New York believed in Santa. Until everyone saw Santa fly over their heads. It would make more sense if you watched it so I recommend you do!