2020 Election

Dean Potts, Author

This years election is definitely a crazy one. There is a lot of conflict between the two candidates and you can tell they don’t like each other. This election is like no other there is drama yelling cursing and all the above. Personally I don’t care who wins because overall they are going to be our president and we are going to have to deal with that. But again I don’t really care who wins I’m fine with either of them. But this election has gone to the next level with protest, and fights. The whole BLM movement is pointed on our current president Donald Trump. And don’t get me wrong I support BLM with a passion because I have a lot of black friends and all lives do matter but I think this has gone a little to far. But also people have their own opinions and I respect that I’m not going to stop talking to them and being friends with them because what they believe that is just stupid. But back to the election. This election is very debatable but personally I think this got a little out of hand people around the world are burning down our world over one thing that happened to one person. And I see where those people are coming from but burning down our world that’s just messed up. But one more thing to go with this is that Donald Trump, and Joe Biden don’t like each other which makes this election a very argumentative, and controversial  This is information on the 2020 election.