Halloween During A Pandemic?

Emily Valverde

Halloween this year is going to be a surprise for everyone. This includes how people are going to be handing out candy, costumes, trick-or-treating and even Halloween activities. Due to this pandemic we are in health officials are speaking up with things such as if you are handing out candy wear a mask, gloves and wash your hands regularly or and even better option is to leave out a bowl of candy. Many people are taking these precautions and making them fun! Things such as making zip-lines for candy to be delivered to kids or using tongs and having kids place baskets on the floor then stepping away allowing the person to safely drop candy inside of the baskets so they can then retrieve them. Other people are making candy graveyard hunts that consists of throwing or placing candy in your yard in a fun way for kids to find. As for the people who are not going out or handing out candy these families have something else fun in mind for there kids at home. Kids dressing up in costumes but trick-or-treating inside going from door to door of rooms and having someone behind it give them candy. This years Halloween might not be what we expected but it sure is something different!