The Major Change in Schools

Carey Drissel, News Reporter

This year we are experiencing something crazy! We are going through a pandemic. Schools have reopened but it’s very different from normal. Some kids are fully remote, and the rest are “hybrid students”. The hybrid kids go to school either Monday and Tuesday(group A), or Thursday and Friday(group B) from 8 AM to 12:30 PM. Wednesday is a day for the school to be cleaned, so all students and teachers are remote. While in school, we have to wear masks, staying 6 feet apart, we have to put a lot of hand sanitizer on, we aren’t allowed to drink from the water fountains, and only the downstairs bathrooms are open(less cleaning). There a lot of safety precautions this year. We are also getting a lot more time to finish assignments. The teachers have to make sure no one is struggling since it’s a lot different. Some kids are having issues trying to get use to being in school some days and then having to do school remotely. Everyone has different opinions, but i like the way we are doing this. I like that we have the option to learn face to face. Remote learning was easy for me but it was hard for a lot of students. This way, the teachers can actually go over the work we have to do in school so we don’t get too confused. Even though there is a risk of getting the virus I like the Hybrid learning. Overall, things are definitely not the same as they were before Covid-19.