This School Year With Corona?

Kali Collins

We started school about a month ago. I would say it isn’t kind of crazy, but then I’d be lying to you. I’ll start off on the basics, we have two groups, an A group and a B group. The A group goes to school on Monday and Tuesday, on Wednesday everyone is remote, and on Thursday and Friday, the B group goes into school. We all wear a mask the whole school day, the only time we get to take it off is if you’re pulling your mask down to get a sip of water or when we go outside for gym on the track. (Don’t worry, we’re all six feet apart!) Desks in each classroom are six feet apart, though I wouldn’t say all of them are. We mainly spend the whole school day on our Chromebooks doing schoolwork assigned on google classroom. In my opinion, we barely actually learn anything in half of the classes. Some of the teachers actually teach us then let us go on our Chromebooks, but others say to go onto our Chromebooks straight away. If I have to write an essay on something that I don’t know about, I use google to help me. I most likely won’t remember it afterwards, after all, school is more about passing then learning nowadays. I personally find it easier to do online school, I don’t really like being near a lot of people, or talking to people most of the time. Plus, it’s easier to type then it is to write with a pencil.  If I was writing this on paper, it would’ve taken me way longer than how long it took me to type this. We still have a few more months left of school, let’s see how it turns out.