School Year In A Pandemic?

Emily Valverde

This school year has been crazy so far. Everything is on computers, masks everywhere, everyone with hand-sanitizer, 6 feet apart etc.. One half of students are on online school and others are doing in-person. I personally like how classes are shorter and how they give us more time for assignments because this gives every student time to complete work. Things have changed drastically like no more drinking water from fountains no more lockers I mean anything you can think of. I do not like the fact that they even opened the school because even tho we are wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart it is still a huge risk considering we might get a second wave. Many schools in our county have been closing due to confirmed cases of COVID-19. Its also big risks wen going home to watch after little ones and just getting germs everywhere. Every Wednesday every student is online because this is when they close the school for cleaning and sanitizing. Not even the girls bathroom upstairs is working because there cleaning it every hour. Many students complain about wearing a masks for long periods of time since they are difficult to breath is and sometimes uncomfy. We arent even 5 months in and teachers already have things planned to go fully remote because the school can shut down in one day.