Cameron Conard

Shooting KABUL  is a book about a boy named Fadi who moves to California for Afghanistan for a better life. On the way his family loses his younger sister, Miriam. At his new school he is bullied by two boys named Ike and Felix. Fadi finds out that his sister is in Peshawar.  There is a photo club at school that is having a contest.  He has 2 weeks to get a photo to the judges and possibly win tickets to save his sister. He goes on a school trip to see all the photos.  One of the  judges takes Fadi and shows him a photo.  Fadi sees a little girl holding a toy Barbie and knows it is his sister. Fadi’s dad goes to Afghanistan to  find Miriam and bring her home. At the end of the book we made a board game and played with our classmates using questions about the book.  We also made a slide show about it.  It was fun. I recommend reading this book.  It was a good book.