Superbowl LIV Gives the Chiefs a Win

Hailey Minard and Logan Cerchiaro

Superbowl LIV had a match that would be one to remember. The 49ers and the Chiefs had taken the field, with both teams having players that could scare you on the field. On the 49ers team, their defense team could scare any offense players with their great skills. Even Andy Reid admitted that overcoming the defense of the 49ers was going to be a difficult task to conquer. But if anybody could face them it would be the Chiefs. 

The Chiefs are known for their explosive offense that never seems to disappoint. The Chiefs are a team of speed that definitely know how to hustle. With Tyreek Hill being one of the fastest wide receivers in the game, he is a force to reckon with. Patrick Mahomes is a quarterback that can do everything, from running fast and passing without looking, to being able to read the defense and know what receiver will be open. 

Patrick Mahomes is hard to stop when he gets started. When Mahomes is started, he becomes an explosive player on the field that will rack up points and explode player’s weaknesses. But don’t overlook the talent on the 49ers, with a tight end that might be the best to ever play the game known as no other than George Kittle. Kittle believes that he can not be tackled. He has the will to run straight at a defender and initiate contact. But what makes George Kittle so special is that he plays every second of the game with a smile on his face. Anybody can tell George is passionate about this sport. 

In the running game, the 49ers have many damaging players, one being Alexander Coleman and the other being the one and only Raheem Mostert. The 49ers are a team that is great in the running game and rarely get stopped. 

Since 2003 there has only been 4 quarterbacks to ever represent the AFC in the superbowl, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Joe Flacco. But this year Patrick Mahomes had broke that streak and became the fifth quarterback to represent the AFC in the superbowl. This Superbowl had a match-up between the two best tight ends in the game, George Kittle and Travis Kelce,  both are known for being team leaders in receiving yards. Both Kittle and Kelce can be a reliable receiver and a reliable blocker even against some of the best defensive ends. Kelce is known by most fans to have a dance in the endzone that is definitely unique and his own. 

This Superbowl, everyone honored the NFL 100 team. This team was composed of the 100 best players and coaches that the NFL had ever seen in the game. What is more interesting is that three of the players and coaches still play the game. They are none other than Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Bill Belicheck. But the 100 players have shown talent that only a special type of people possess. The 100 players have shown talent that made the sport of football fun to watch. Sadly, not all of these players are still with us today but they will live in the memory of everybody who ever saw them play. These players were a terror to be lined up against and if you saw that the game was on the line they were the players to take the role to ensure that they would win the game. 

Super Bowl LIV was kicked off by the Punt Pass Kick winners commercial. But before he went to enter the stadium he stopped and looked at a statue of a special player. This player was none other than Patrick Tillman, he started as the safety for the Arizona Cardinals. But the special thing about him was that he left the war to go and fight in the Vietnam War because he believed he owed his service to the country that let him pursue his dream in football. Patrick Tillman died in the war but the NFL honored him in the commercial by having the kid stop and look at his statue.