Totinos, Totinos, Hot Pizza Rolls!

All about the Totino's History, and it's "Totinos-pizza-rolls" craze.

Jessica C., Trend Reporter, Author

Totinos, Totinos, Everybody’s talkin’ bout Totinos, Totinos, Hot pizza rolls

RMS Rams join the “Totinos” craze and make it a tradition to sing the anthem every day before the 8th period.

But how did this Totinos song get popular? Before I explain the present, I like to go over the past.

In 1951, Jim and Rose Totino open their very own pizzeria in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Soon after, the Totinos’ Resturant boomed in popularity and on average, sold *more* than 500 pizza pies daily. in 1962, The Totinos started a frozen pizza plant to support their business which was quickly growing.

Today, Totino’s pizza rolls are America’s best selling hot snack and frozen pizza and sells over 300 million frozen pizzas yearly.

Thus, a Totino’s-pizza-rolls-obsessed kid called “REE-Kid” created the hit song, “Totino’s Pizza Rolls”.