Do Black Holes Exist?

Jessica Canedo, Author

Recently, I was at a friends house to play Fortnight, but out of no where, a black hole was sipping on the TV screen. For a second we thought the game crashed, but we soon figured out that season ten just ended.

Anyway, that’s not the theme of this article. But, finishing the season, i got curious. What is a black hole? What do they do?

I went to one of my favorite channels on YouTube, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell. This channel has very cool and educative content varying from info about the deepest point in the Marina’s Trench to how to create Wormholes.

After watching the 6 minute video, you can say it was total info overload. I found answers to pretty much all of my questions, and even learned some new facts.

Question 1: What is a Black Hole?

A Black Hole is a huge dead star that basically sucks in anything that comes to close. Its’ gravitational pull pushes outward sucking you in. This is caused when a star has more mass then it can hold. (Kurzgesagt explains it WAY better then I do, so make sure to check out their video after.)

Question 2: What do they do?

Black Holes pulls anything that comes too close into itself. No one knows where they go after that because- nobody has dared to go through one. A if they did, then one, the would go knowing they will never come back, two, they would only be able to go through it successfully if they traveled faster then the speed of light, and even if you do, you will come out dead because of all the radiation and how extremely speedy the Black Hole is. Yikes.