Dangers of Hackers on the Internet

Hailey Minard and Logan Cerchiaro

The internet can be a wonderful place to have fun, but sometimes there are people who want to ruin that and steal your personal information this is called hacking. While most of your favorite internet sites are “protected,” lots of sites have dangers of hackers. The internet can never be fully protected and people always find ways to get into your information and use it for there own purposes. 

Hackers are not always bad for the internet, some hackers help people. Good hackers help countries and companies.  The more well known hackers are the people who steal information from private places, and use that information for whatever they want to. Most hackers use the information for money, private photos to put out on the web, and most importantly taking advantage of little kids to do the work for them and save the hacker the hard work of finding their information. Little kids are big targets for hackers. Hackers go to little kids because they will give information out easily. Also, children won’t be as worried to go on mysterious sites, which hackers lurch in. 

Video games are usually the hunting ground for hacking. Why you might ask, this is because people are too busy in the game to realize they are spilling out all their information to a stranger. People go into video games to relax and settle down from their day, so they aren’t on high alert to seek hackers from normal people. Hackers will act like anybody to get hold of information from people of all different ages. Even if little kids are the main targets for getting hacked, anyone can be hacked by getting tricked. 

While hackers can steal information they also can put viruses into your device. Viruses are input to devices to seek out the data the hacker desires and bring it to the hackers device and erase it from the original owners device.  Viruses can also be able to record what the user does and says while using the device and locate were the device is being used. Most people don’t realize that they have a virus until it is the last minute and the hacker has all of the information from that device. 

So now that you know the dangers of hackers on the internet and who they target, will you think twice before you spill all your information to someone you don’t know over the internet?