Science Club Experimenting in the New School Year

Hailey Minard, Reporter

The first experiment in the new year of science Club was blast. This gathering had the famous experiment on YouTube, elephant toothpaste. Elephant toothpaste is an experiment that consists of yeast, a bottle, dish soap, water, food coloring, and hydrogen peroxide with high volume. The experiment starts with putting yeast in water and mixing it for 30 minutes. Then, the students put soap, food coloring and hydrogen peroxide into the bottle. Lastly, the club added the water and yeast to the bottle. With the ingredients being added together, foam starts to form in the bottle and it rises quickly till it starts to pour out of the bottle. Most pictures of this experiment is a big explosion, even though the students in the Science Club explosion was not as big . All of the groups in the club were exploding with color, and foaming with excitement. All of the experiments were different in their own way. For example, one group’s experiment exploded in less than 30 seconds. Stay tuned in for more experiments to come.